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measurement Instructions

Measuring your Shade Length

  1. Place a rod in the rear rod holders.

  2. Measure from T-top frame or rocket launchers to the tip of the rod.

  3. Subtract 12 inches from the measurement to get your best fit shade length

Please Note:

Follow the same steps for the bow shade length measurement.

Measuring your Shade Width

​The perfect shade width is basically a matter of preference, the two most popular opinions are:

  1. Closely match the T-top width for best aesthetics *

  2. Get the widest shade available to increase protected area **

Please Note:

* For the first option, a slightly wider shade than the T-top is recommended; for example for a 5'-6" wide T-top use 6' wide shade.

** Our patent pending design allows for wide shades to be installed on narrow T-tops. You can install a 7' wide shade on a 5'-6" wide T-top.

Finished Measuring?

installation Instructions

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