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The Boat Shade Solution

Made in the USA

With quality and craftsmanship in mind

Boat Shade Solutions was founded by long time boaters, passionate about life out on the water and proud of the quality of our products.

Bow or Stern mount
Complete Sun Protection
Flexible Install Options
Shade for Days
Bow installed
Reinforced Corners
Heavy Duty Clamps
Oceanic Shade

Our Commitment

Boat Shade Solutions is committed to providing the best boat shade system at its price point. We understand the needs of boaters like you, and the specific characteristics that make a marine product exceptional. Our patent pending design can be used while running and simplifies installing and storing, so you can focus more on the boating part. We want to build a relationship with each of our customers, and hope our shades will make your boating lives simple and fun. Please contact us with any questions, and send pictures of you enjoying the water under our Boat Shade.

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